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ID Verification

Verify Your Identity

Please enter your name as it is shown on the national identity card and upload a photo or scan of the front and back of your ID. Finally, hold the ID next to your face and take one additional photo. After verification, your data and photos will immediately be deleted from this web server, but they will be temporarily stored for 3 months. For security reasons our ID checks are not automated or powered by artificial intelligence and they depend on human reviews.

Your name (as shown on your ID)
Your name (as shown on your ID)

Maximum file size: 516MB

Maximum file size: 516MB

Maximum file size: 516MB


Start Over

Step 1: Payment
Once you have selected the type of individual dark web scan you need, you need to make payment for it.
Step 2: Email Verification
We are automatically sending you an email with a link. Once you have clicked on the link you have verified your email address and we can check it for any known password leaks.
Step 3: Verify your Identity
Once you have submitted this form and one of our human staff member has personally reviewed your data to verify your identity, we will run a dark web scan.
Step 4: Darkweb Scans
For security reasons, our dark web scans are run from a different infrastructure by a human administrator and the first scan takes a little longer.

We will scan for your verified email address and your name.

Please note that a one time scan is only a snapshot of what has been traded so far. It does not tell you what will be traded tomorrow or in the future.

If you opted for daily scans, we will continuously scan and notify you if anything comes up in the future.

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