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Google Street View in Friedberg, Hesse

by | Jul 30, 2022 | Uncategorized

Since the founder of Panomity GmbH was born in Friedberg, Hesse, and went to school there, we are also closely connected with the city of Friedberg.

Also connected to the city is Elvis Presley, who spent some time in Friedberg, Hesse. Friedberg was a welcome change from the heat and humidity of the southern states and Elvis enjoyed spending time outdoors fishing and swimming. He also enjoyed the local cuisine, which included dishes like sauerkraut and bratwurst. Elvis developed a strong bond with the residents of Friedberg. Although Elvis is best known as an American icon, it is fair to say that he also became firmly rooted in Germany.

5 fun facts about the time when Elvis Presley was stationed in Friedberg.

  1. While stationed in Friedberg, Germany, Elvis Presley learned to play the guitar and started his music career. He was taught how to play the guitar by his fellow soldiers, and he would often perform for them in the barracks.
  2. During his time in Friedberg, Elvis Presley fell in love with German culture and cuisine. He became fluent in German and developed a passion for German food, particularly sausages and beer.
  3. While stationed in Friedberg, Elvis Presley met his future wife, Priscilla Beaulieu. Priscilla was the daughter of an American Air Force officer, and she lived with her family in a nearby town. Elvis and Priscilla met at a party and quickly fell in love.
  4. In Friedberg, Elvis Presley was introduced to the music of Little Richard and other early rock and roll artists. He was heavily influenced by their music, and it played a major role in shaping his own musical style and sound.
  5. Elvis Presley’s time in Friedberg was not all fun and music. He was also involved in a number of military exercises and operations, including a deployment to the Middle East during the Suez Crisis. Despite the challenges and hardships, Elvis remained dedicated to his military service and was honorably discharged in 1960.

So let’s go in search of clues via Google Street View:


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