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Cyber threats don’t stand a chance.
We guarantee that our proactive dark web scans will protect you and your business. Our AI-driven technology constantly scans both the dark web and the clear web to improve your security.



The Internet is like a big city. The normal web, also called the clear web, is like the streets you walk on every day. The Dark Web (also called the Darknet) is like the parts of town you don’t go to because they are dangerous. Anyone who uses the Internet leaves a digital footprint. It’s like walking in the mud and getting your shoes dirty. Your digital footprint consists of all the things you do online, such as what websites you visit, what you search for, and what you say to others. Just like your real footprints, your digital footprint can be seen by others. On the Clear Web, you can control your digital footprint by being careful about what information you share online.

For offers with registration requirements, you usually have to provide an e-mail address and a password to authenticate yourself. Since these offers contain personal data, they are a welcome target for hackers who sell once-stolen records on the Dark Web. We can search the Dark Web for leaked credentials. This helps us protect your information because we can tell if your credentials are available on the dark web. Thus, it can be ensured that your passwords are not used by someone else. In this way, we can help ensure that individuals’ private information remains private and that your trade secrets do not become advantages for competitors.


We offer four different dark web scans.

Private persons can order a Dark Web Scan once or monthly for themselves.

Organizations can select how many people a scan is needed for when ordering. They also have the choice between one-time and monthly subscriptions.

We guarantee dark web protection

We guarantee that our dark web scans use the latest and best technology to capture your data that may be floating around the dark web, and we work with you to ensure that all of your data is as secure as possible.


€ 59


One time scan

Email scan

Name scan


€ 49

per month

Daily scan

Email scan

Name scan


€ 99


One time scan

Email scan

Name scan


Custom search


€ 89

per month

Daily scan

Email scan

Name scan


Custom search

Our Dark Web Scan platform is like a map that shows you where your digital footprint is. It shows you where you are safe and where you are not.


A trade secret is something that a company or organization keeps secret, usually because it could give it an advantage over competitors. For example, a company has a new product in development and doesn’t want anyone to know about it until it’s ready for release. Or a company has a secret formula for making its products and doesn’t want anyone else to know how to make it. However, company emails regularly become a gateway for unwanted visitors and company secrets leak unnoticed as company emails are compromised, either because they are also used for personal use or because the same password is used for multiple emails or logins. The company secrets then end up on the dark web at best, where there is a rather smaller number of viewers, or at worst on the clear web, where significantly more viewers have access.

Our dark web scan also takes into account common platforms on the clear web, where company secrets are regularly published by unauthorized third parties.

As ethical white hat hackers, we know the techniques of black hat hackers, but use our tools not to attack, but to protect our customers.


If you have a credential, it means you have permission to do something. For example, with a library card, you can check out books from the library. If someone steals your credentials, they have taken your permission to do something without asking. The unauthorized person could use your library card to check out books and not return them. If someone has your username and password, they can log into your account and do things that look like they are you. This is called stealing your credentials.

Companies fear for their reputation if their systems are infiltrated and data is leaked. As a result, companies tend to disclose as little as possible about hacks, even though they may be required by law and regulation to be more transparent. It therefore happens time and again that companies do not fulfill their duty to inform and their customer data circulates on the dark web. At the same time, credentials are a highly coveted commodity on the dark web. If you have purchased a subscription to our Dark Web Scan service, you will be notified as soon as your credentials are traded on the Dark Web.



Our Dark Web Scans are a valuable prevention tool that helps you protect your data from future attacks.


Real-time alerts help identify credentials for sale on the dark web and prevent data breaches before malicious actors exploit them.


As a means of risk reduction, proactive dark web scans reduce downtime in production, costs for external cyber forensics, and reputational damage in the outside world.


What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a part of the Internet where people can buy and sell illegal things. Fraudsters and online attackers get stolen credentials, bank account access, hacking tools and bots on this marketplace and can trade them.

What is a Dark Web Scan?
A dark web scan is a way to check if your personal information is being sold or traded on the dark web. Our dark web scan thus protects your data by looking for information that may exist about you.
What are the benefits of a Dark Web Scan?

Our customers love our automated dark web monitoring solution because it saves them time and money. It’s like a security guard for their computer that never sleeps and is always on the lookout for threats.

What data is traded on the dark web?

Here are some common types of data you can find on the dark web. In most cases, the interconnectedness of the data makes it interesting for criminals.

  • Personal health data
  • Access data including passwords
  • Technical data and source codes
  • Names, birthdays and answers to security questions
  • E-mail addresses
  • Financial data such as bank account numbers and credit cards
  • Company information
Which of my data can I search for in a Dark Web Scan?

Our Dark Web Scan includes:

  • Domain names
  • Persons (first and last names, email addresses)
  • Keywords
  • Credit card numbers
  • IP addresses
  • Complex search terms
Is one scan enough or do I need to repeat it regularly?

In the vast majority of cases, a single scan is unfortunately not enough, because the amount of stolen data on the dark web is growing exponentially despite increased law enforcement, and a single scan always represents only a snapshot.

Therefore, we advise a subscription to our regular scans. When subscribing, you will be informed by us as soon as new data is found and you will be able to react quickly to the new situation.

Why does a dark web scan save me time and money?

A compromised access account of a company’s employee easily and often unnoticed becomes a gateway for hackers. The consequential damage caused by the loss of confidential company or customer data, as well as the loss of reputation and possible fines from the data protection authorities, are usually enormous. Finding the gateway as well as repairing the damage caused is comparable to extensive remediation after significant long-lasting water damage. The damage can easily eat away at your assets, and the cost to fix it can be difficult to shoulder in terms of time and money.


What can I do to prevent my data from being traded on the dark web in the first place?

This question cannot be answered in one sentence or paragraph, but we would be very happy to talk.

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