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Managed WordPress Hosting

Our managed WordPress hosting includes maintenance and upkeep of their website, security management, updates to the software and many other unique things that are exclusive to us. Thus, it will ensure that you enjoy many benefits, give up worries, your time will be saved and your website will always be up to date.

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Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Our WordPress hosting plans are based on sustainable cloud hosting. Our Basic Hosting plan relies on the fact that they themselves want to hand over only a few tasks to us and outsource only the most necessary things. Your WordPress site is kept up to date, but they accept that there may be issues that need your attention. The Advanced WP Hosting Plan offers more security, but not yet the advanced security features that are necessary for businesses, for instance. Individual aspects can also be added as needed. The Ultimate WP Hosting Plan offers the highest level of security including access to our daily dark web scans as well as proactive administrators to protect your website in the best possible way.

Managed WordPress hosting from Panomity

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Here you can find all prices for managed WordPress hosting. We have tried to make our prices as transparent as possible so that you always know what to expect from us. We hope you will find everything you are looking for here and look forward to your order.

Frequently asked questions about WordPress hosting?

Here’s a short selection of the most frequently asked questions about managed WordPress hosting including crisp answers.

What is managed WordPress hosting?
Our managed WordPress hosting includes maintenance and upkeep of your website, security management, updates to the software and many other unique things that are exclusive to us.
What types of WordPress hosting plans do you offer?
We offer three types of WordPress hosting plans: Basic, Advanced and Ultimate. The Basic plan offers basic coverage, the Advanced plan offers more security, and the Ultimate plan offers the highest level of security including access to our daily dark web scans as well as proactive administrators to best protect your website.
What are daily dark web scans?
A daily dark web scan of the registered email addresses and passwords of the users of a WordPress site increases security compared to one-time scans, as they are performed on a regular basis. If user data such as passwords or email addresses are sold or otherwise published on a dark web marketplace, this is immediately detected during a daily scan and the appropriate action can be taken immediately.
Why is it better to perform WordPress updates on a staging site?
Updating WordPress on a staging site is always better than updating on a live site, because there are no real users on the staging site who are affected by potential problems. On the staging side, bugs or problems can be fixed at leisure before they appear on the live side. In this way, it can be ensured that the live site always runs stably and without any problems.
What are the advantages of managed WordPress hosting?
Advantages of managed WordPress hosting are: Maintenance and upkeep of your website, security management, updates to the software, time savings and the assurance that your website will always be up to date.
What are the benefits of using web analytics software for my website?
Our web analytics software allows you to track how many visitors visit your website, where they come from, and how they interact with it. By looking at these statistics regularly, you will be able to improve the performance of your WordPress website and its user experience. For example, you can find out which pages are popular and which need to be improved, as well as learn where visitors leave your WordPress website. Also, you can track the success of your marketing campaigns by seeing how many visitors come to your WordPress site from those campaigns. This software also ensures that we comply with data protection laws so that your website is safe to use. Overall, our web analytics software allows you to better understand your WordPress website visitors and make better decisions regarding your content.
What is proactive threat management and what advantage does it have for your WordPress website?
Proactive threat management is a security approach that aims to detect and prevent potential security threats before they occur. It differs from reactive threat management, which addresses security problems only after they have occurred. Our managed WordPress hosting provides you with regular security scans and monitoring of potential vulnerabilities as part of our proactive threat management, in order to detect and fix problems in time before they can become a danger to your WordPress site. This approach significantly reduces the risk of data loss or website outages and also provides legal protection. Through our proactive threat management, an organization can demonstrate that it has taken the necessary steps to protect and secure its digital assets from potential threats.
What does external monitoring with incident response mean in hosting plans?
Off-site monitoring with incident response in hosting packages involves monitoring the performance and availability of a website from a location that is physically separate from the servers hosting the service. This is different from on-site monitoring, where the service is monitored from the same location as the servers. External monitoring is used to detect problems with the service that are not visible from the server location, such as network or connectivity problems that affect users at other locations. It is also used to monitor the uptime and availability of the service to ensure that it meets the needs of users. In addition, external monitoring helps identify trends or patterns in service usage that can help improve its performance or scalability. To ensure that the service is available and works well for users in different regions and on different types of devices, third-party providers are used. Incident response refers to the processes and procedures put in place to address, assess, and resolve issues that arise with a website. This includes procedures for reporting and handling incidents, as well as communicating with you, the customer, about the status of your service. This helps resolve issues quickly and effectively, minimizing the impact to you.
How to deal with unlimited databases?
You have the possibility to create several databases, depending on your specific needs and requirements. However, it is important to use databases sparingly, as they require resources such as memory, CPU and storage space to work efficiently. A limited number of databases can help simplify the system and optimize its performance.

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