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Panomity GmbH releases DarkWeb plugin for WordPress

by | Mar 20, 2023 | IT-Security

Rust, Germany – Panomity GmbH has announced the release of its latest plugin – Panomity DarkWeb Press – on the occasion of the first WordPress Day at CloudFest in Rust. The plugin allows website owners to offer a free DarkWeb search for their users and earn money through Panomity’s affiliate program at the same time.

“We are excited to present our new DarkWeb Press plugin for WordPress,” said Sascha Endlicher, CEO of Panomity. “The plugin is the first search engine for the DarkWeb that complies with the GDPR. It provides users with the ability to monitor their data on the DarkWeb and protect their WordPress website from potential security threats.”

Panomity DarkWeb Press is a user-friendly plugin that enables quick and easy Panomity account authentication. With the plugin, users can seamlessly integrate their WordPress website with Panomity DarkWeb API to increase the security of their data. The plugin has three powerful shortcodes that allow users to quickly and easily check if their data has been compromised on DarkWeb.

In addition to monitoring data on DarkWeb, the plugin includes a bulk check page that allows website operators to notify registered users when their email accounts have been compromised in DarkWeb breaches. The plugin is also getting Gutenberg blocks that will be available soon to provide all the features website owners need to increase their users’ security awareness.

As WordPress webmasters, website owners can earn referral commissions by providing their users with more detailed Dark Web reports through Panomity’s premium services or by recommending daily DarkWeb scans. Panomity’s powerful referral program allows website owners to earn money while providing advanced security features to their users.

Panomity DarkWeb Press is now available for free for WordPress. For more information about the plugin, visit https://www.panomity.com/panomity-darkweb-press.

About Panomity GmbH

Panomity GmbH is a leading company in the field of cyber security. The company’s mission is to help people and organizations keep their data safe and secure. Panomity offers a range of tools and services to protect users and businesses from cyberattacks, including a DarkWeb API and the new DarkWeb Press plugin for WordPress. For more information, visit https://www.panomity.com/.


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