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The U.S. national cybersecurity strategy: a galactic struggle for a resilient cloud?

by | Mar 16, 2023 | Tech thoughts

Think of the digital world as a vast, unexplored galaxy where countless planets (organizations) orbit their stars (industries) and cosmic forces (governments) work tirelessly to keep the peace. However, lurking in the shadows of this cyber cosmos are menacing forces (cyber criminals) determined to wreak havoc. To protect the resilient cloud and its interstellar inhabitants, the Biden administration in early March deployed a state-of-the-art spacecraft – the National Cybersecurity Strategy – equipped with tools and tactics to protect our digital galaxy.

As a European company, Panomity GmbH is not bound by US legislation, but since we see the EU as a partner of the US, we are also on the same planet, and this year’s CloudFest is about Resilient Cloud, we took a closer look at the implications. We have divided our consideration into two parts. In the first part we stay with the stars in metaphors to illustrate this perhaps dauntingly dry subject and in the
second part
we tackle the tangible implications of the National Cybersecurity Strategy for everyone in the cloud business.

Part 1: The stellar cloud

So let’s stick with the stellar theme for now: the critical infrastructures of our galaxy are like fortresses, essential to the security and prosperity of the planets they protect. The strategy focuses on strengthening these fortresses by expanding minimum cybersecurity requirements, streamlining regulations, and building alliances between cosmic forces and intergalactic private sectors to ensure their collective security.

Fight against the dark cyber powers

Just as Jedi Knights fight the dark forces of the Sith, the National Cybersecurity Strategy aims to disrupt and dismantle cyber adversaries by strategically deploying the entire arsenal of the Force. The private sector will join the fight, bringing its unique expertise to bear against the malicious cyber actors that threaten the peace and stability of our galaxy.

Navigating the market fog

The vast market fog of the digital cosmos can be treacherous. The strategy aims to reshape this fog by shifting liability for software products and services, ensuring cosmic forces prioritize data protection, and supporting investments in secure and resilient infrastructure. This will help create a digital ecosystem where trust is as abundant as stardust.

Investing in stellar defenses

Given the unstoppable pace of technological progress, Resilient Cloud defense systems must be constantly improved. The National Cybersecurity Strategy is like a state-of-the-art spaceship factory, investing in the development of next-generation technologies, such as post-quantum encryption, digital identity solutions, and clean energy infrastructure, to protect our cyber galaxy from ever-evolving threats.

Unite the Galactic Federation

No single cosmic power can combat cyber threats alone. The strategy underscores the need for a united Galactic Federation, where nations work together to secure global supply chains and foster a resilient digital ecosystem. Like the Rebel Alliance joining forces to destroy the Death Star, the U.S. will forge international partnerships to combat cyber threats and here, at the latest, we Europeans, as indirectly involved in the implementation of the National Cybersecurity Strategy, are at it again.

Confronting the dark cyber empires

In the depths of our digital galaxy, dark empires such as China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are planning and executing malicious cyber activities, according to the Biden Strategy’s reading. The National Cybersecurity Strategy calls upon the collective might of cosmic forces to stand up to these powerful adversaries and ensure the security of our resilient cloud.

Panomity GmbH: A Guardian of the Cyber Galaxy

A trusted ally in the fight against cyber threats, Panomity GmbH has partnered with cosmic powers to provide state-of-the-art defense systems. Through
Quantum-Proof SSL
certificates, we ensure that our digital galaxy is protected by advanced, state-of-the-art technology.

The National Cybersecurity Strategy is a vital spacecraft navigating the treacherous expanses of our digital cosmos. By strengthening critical infrastructure, disrupting dark cyber powers, reshaping market dynamics, investing in the latest defenses, and rallying interstellar allies, the Biden administration aims to create a resilient cloud where cyber incidents are just a blip on the radar. So buckle up and get ready for an exciting mission to secure the future of our digital galaxy!

Part 2: Implications for Cloudfest and Beyond

The National Cybersecurity Strategy will have several implications for those working in the cloud hosting industry. As the strategy aims to create a resilient and secure digital ecosystem, we can expect the following changes:

  1. Increased security measures: Cloud hosting providers will need to implement more stringent security protocols in line with the new strategy. This may mean investing in advanced technologies and implementing robust cybersecurity frameworks to protect their customers’ data and infrastructure.
  2. Collaboration with governments: The strategy emphasizes public-private partnerships, which means cloud hosting providers may work closely with government agencies. This collaboration requires the sharing of knowledge, best practices and threat intelligence to strengthen industry defenses. As there are still privacy concerns due to different views on privacy between the U.S. and Europe, we see this part as the most ambitious.
  3. Regulatory compliance: As the strategy aims to harmonize regulations, cloud hosting providers must be prepared to meet new compliance requirements. This may mean reviewing and updating their security policies, procedures and systems to meet evolving government standards. If laws on this side and the other side of the Atlantic cannot be harmonized, this will unfortunately result in major lines of conflict for the future.
  4. Workforce development: the strategy highlights the need for a diverse and skilled cybersecurity workforce. Cloud hosting providers will need to invest in training and development programs for their employees to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the changing cybersecurity landscape.
  5. Increased market opportunities: The focus on security and resilience under the National Cybersecurity Strategy may lead to an increase in demand for cloud hosting services with robust security capabilities. This offers cloud hosting providers the opportunity to differentiate themselves by offering state-of-the-art security solutions and attract new customers.
  6. New culture of innovation: As the U.S. National Cybersecurity Strategy encourages investment in next-generation technologies, cloud hosting providers must stay at the forefront of innovation. This may include the adoption of new technologies such as post-quantum encryption and digital identity solutions to provide secure and resilient cloud hosting services.
  7. International collaboration: the strategy highlights the importance of forging international partnerships to counter global cyber threats. Here, it was obviously recognized that national cybersecurity strategy and international cooperation are not mutually exclusive. Cloud hosting providers may also need to collaborate more with international partners and share knowledge and resources to create a secure and resilient global cloud hosting ecosystem.

The new U.S. national cybersecurity strategy is likely to have a significant impact on those working in the cloud hosting industry. We must be prepared to adapt to new security measures, regulations, and partnerships to ensure our services are in line with the evolving cybersecurity landscape. In this way, we can help create a secure and resilient digital ecosystem for all.




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