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Performances and Redundant Hosting

Our redundant performance monitoring and redundant data backup can be of great benefit to you. Using multiple systems to monitor performance and backup data minimizes downtime and increases data security. In the event of a failure of one system, it is possible to fall back on another to ensure that performance remains at a high level and data is protected.


The advantages of at a glance

  • Improved performance by election of the saved data.
  • Higher reliability compared to other backup methods.
  • Fast recovery even from large backups.
  • Little memory required.


With us, you have the choice between several backup strategies and we will be happy to advise you and also help you to pursue several strategies in parallel, because this creates several advantages:

Redundancy: If you use multiple backup methods, you achieve higher redundancy and thus higher failure safety. If one method fails, you still have another to fall back on.
Different media: If you use different backup media, for example externally mounted hard drives and cloud services that only fetch the backups from your server, you have greater flexibility and can retrieve the backup from anywhere.
Different points in time: By running multiple backup strategies at different times, you’ll always have an up-to-date backup in case something goes wrong.
Different access methods: Different access methods give you multiple ways to access the backup data in case one method has errors.

Panomity 360 Web Borg Backups

cPanel has its own backup system that allows you to perform full account backups (including files, emails and databases) on-site and off-site on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. With Panomity 360 Web Borg backups, we extend the cPanel ecosystem with deduplicated backups. Imagine a Collection of books before, some of which you own twice. Instead of having multiple copies of each book, you could add references to the one copy where you previously had multiple copies. This way, you wouldn’t have to reserve as much space for books and could still access all the books you own. So, deduplicated backups are a type of backup where duplicate or similar data is eliminated before it is stored. Instead, only a copy of the unique data is stored and references to that data are added to the other locations. This has the advantage that less storage space is required, as no duplicate data needs to be stored. This way, you can reduce your backup costs, since you need less storage space to back up your data.

Multilayer monitoring

We monitor our systems on several levels: At the microservices level, various software watchdogs automatically monitor the services on the server side and restart them if necessary. At a higher server level, our Panomity 360 uses Web Netdata, which can be used for a variety of different purposes. Netdata software can be used to monitor servers, routers, network bandwidth, websites and even mobile devices. Netdata helps us monitor your server resources and determine, for example, what is causing slowdowns.

We do this by monitoring multiple metrics, including the amount of data being transferred, the type of data being transferred, and even the applications that consume the most data. This information is displayed in a clear dashboard for our administrators.

Additional monitoring tools are deployed for each cloud, the network, the data center layer and even in two separate external monitoring centers.

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