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Data protection and security are more important than ever. EU laws provide some of the strongest data protection in the world. That’s why Europe is the perfect place to host your most sensitive data.


When our customers think of unauthorized data access, they usually think of some obscure, isolated hackers operating in the dark, targeting high-value businesses at night. However, our experience has taught us otherwise. Moreover, the Snowden revelations have shown us that data integrity must also be protected from interference by government institutions and agencies with their mass surveillance efforts, regardless of what international agreements promise.

When you think of cloud computing, most people (even many who work as heads of IT departments) may not know that it is usually a form of outsourcing data to companies like Microsoft, Amazon or Google. Such companies are still subject to the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which allows US intelligence agencies to spy on you, your data and your trade secrets. However, this is precisely why European citizens should be protected by the GDPR.


The General Data Protection Regulation sets out detailed requirements for companies and organizations for the collection, storage and management of personal data. However, all companies based in the U.S. could be forced to violate the General Data Protection Regulation and thus violate your rights as an EU citizen by sharing data with U.S. intelligence agencies without ever informing you and thus without your knowledge. This is the main reason why agreements like Safe Harbor or Privacy Shield have been invalidated by the European Court of Justice, also future patchwork agreements that are not true no-spy agreements will most likely be challenged and invalidated by the European Court of Justice.

Illustration of a High-Speed Cluster for Fully Managed Web Hosting



In a world where companies are increasingly looking to cut costs and develop new products or services, we are in the midst of the age of cloud computing. Cloud computing offers the ideal solution to provide your customers with a fast and reliable service without having to worry about the technology behind it yourself. If you as an entrepreneur want to avoid being in legal uncertainty for years, you should store your data exclusively within the EU.

This is particularly important as many companies today rely on the cloud to optimize and automate their business processes. Cloud computing enables companies to reduce their IT infrastructure by transferring the management and maintenance of servers and other hardware to service providers. In this way, companies can focus on their core business and devote their resources to more important tasks.


The Internet consists of many devices and computers that are connected to each other. They are connected by servers and routers that enable communication. When you distribute data, it goes through routers that we can’t control. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that these devices are safe. For this reason, it is important that communication between nodes is secure. Inter-node encryption (INE) encrypts data before it leaves the device and decrypts it only after it reaches its destination. This establishes a secure connection between two nodes. Encryption between nodes ensures that only the intended recipient can decrypt the data and protects it from modification and unauthorized access.

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